Thursday, 7 August 2008

Is Caralluma Fimbriata Safe

Where To Buy Caralluma Fimbriata

Hoodia used to be the most popular weight
loss aid but now there is a new pill (Caralluna fimbriata) that assures even more. Both plants are used by tribesmen (India for caralluna and Africa for hoodia) for energy enhancement as well as appetite suppressant. More and more consumers are requesting natural products and these cactus plants deliver when it comes to natural weight reduction.

Caralluna Fimbriata what is it and how come it work? Used for decades this magic plant has been used in India as a natural appetite suppressant. It has been enjoying a steadily increasing popularity in Europe and the USA as an energy booster and appetitle suppressant. It also has been shown to lower blood sugar. Indian huntsmen carry this plant because it suppresses the appetite and enhances endurance. Caralluna Fimbriata is believed as a "famine food" because it can be in use wen there is a famine as a method of suppressing the appetite. Caralluna is consumed in the Indian region as a vegetable. It is prepared with unique spices and salt or used in chutney and pickle preserves. When eaten, caralluna is thought to reduce the bodily process of several enzymes. This, in turn, hinder the establishment of fat so that the fat reserves are forced to burn off. It is also thought to affect the hunger control piece of the brain so that the appetite is curbed. This is all carried out with just a few very, limited issues.

While caralluna does have qualities that are very similar to hoodia gordonii,there comes a point where caralluna turns a corner and hoodia just cannot follow. Caralluna consistently brings out a higher effectiveness in not just reducing the appetite and easing weight reduction, but it also shows a reduction in inches. This is a very important part of weight loss. It is one thing to lose weight, loosing those inches around your girth is another, particularly at the abdomen and waistline. What caralluna has proven to be effective in is reduction of the waistline. People who are looking to lose weigh lose inches, not just pounds, lets face it, that's exactly what we want isn't it?